About the WFLF

Our Mission

The Warrior for Life Fund is dedicated to supporting active duty, retired veterans, and their families as they transition through the unique challenges of combat service. The Warrior for Life Fund aims to provide programs, venues and infrastructure to support service members and their families long-term.

Our Commitment

As a partner of the Navy SEAL Foundation, the Warrior for Life Fund is focused on raising funds for and providing leadership to support the Navy SEAL Foundation Hockey program. The Warrior for Life Fund seeks to professionalize and expand existing hockey programs which support not only the Naval Special Warfare community but also the greater military community of the Hampton Roads area.

Our History

Originally founded as the Virginia Beach Hockey Club, Challenge Team in 2012, the overall goal was to gather a group of mentors and athletes committed to promoting camaraderie, competition, and athleticism to those with disabilities. The goal was to develop a team atmosphere and a positive environment for mentors and athletes who want to learn to play hockey. The only requirement was a strong work ethic, dedication, and a positive attitude. ​